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Kyle Henris Review – What you need to know in 2024!

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by Josh

March 27, 2024

Hey what's up guys and welcome to my Kyle Henris Review,

My name is Josh owner and creator of Build a Laptop Lifestyle. If you're looking to make money online through stock investing in 2024 you will want to read this review.

Why? Because in all likelihood you work full-time and are looking for anything that will accelerate your financial freedom.

My journey with Kyle started through a Facebook advertisement that I came across, and as I progressed through the free content on his site I learned that financial freedom doesn't have to wait until retirement (which is 100% true).

Most free trainings are fairly basic, but Kyle's included just enough information for me to want to learn more information.

One of the biggest draws was I didn't have to have a lot of money to get started, and that his go to strategy debit spreads didn't include a lot of risk.

What I found out though is that there's still too much risk in the debit spread strategy and isn't even something that Kyle talks about anymore.

I highly encourage you to read this whole review and be sure to post your questions, and comments below and my goal will be to respond as soon as I am able to.

Kyle Henris Review - Summary

Product Name: 
Done with You Wealth - Elite Investor Mastermind
(Note: New Company Name Next Door Trader)
Now known as InvestCEO.

Pricing: Free - $2,400+

Best for? People looking to achieve financial freedom through investing, but I do not recommend this investing program. High risk, high reward strategies.


Kyle has transformed his business from "Done with You Wealth" to "Next Door Trader" to now what he calls "InvestCEO". That's 3 times in 3 years that he's changed his business name!

While Kyle promised one-on-one coaching and alerts on all his trades, what I actually received was far from it.

From misleading advertising to abandoning the strategies I signed up for this is one program I wish I would have stayed away from!

Overall Rating:

Who is Kyle Henris?

Kyle Henris runs a coaching program for investors. Their focus is on teaching students a Modern Investment Strategy using Detailed Training in order to take charge of your own wealth.

Kyle Henris is the CEO of InvestCEO (formerly under the name Done with You Wealth and Next Door Trader) and a former certified financial planner.

The traditional view of saving money into retirement accounts, diversifying his investments, etc to achieve financial freedom isn't what he wanted.

His goal is to help people achieve financial freedom in as little as 5 years using a variety of investing strategies.

But what exactly is Done with You Wealth?

While yes it's a coaching program for people to become self-sufficient when it comes to investing.

It's more specifically a community that provides support and training in order to achieve this goal.

These services are provided through a Discord group where you are able to ask questions, receive daily market updates, talk about trades with other investors, and receive trade alerts.

Of course to receive most of these you have to be a paying member (which I am).

When I originally signed up there were 3 DWYW membership options: Elite Investor Trainee, Elite Investor Academy, or Elite Investor Mastermind...

I went with the Elite Investor Mastermind because it was supposed to include everything I needed to become a successful investor. This included:

  • Access to all training portal videos
  • Any future updates
  • Regular Trade Alerts for trades such as Debit and Credit Spreads
  • Kyle sharing all his trades
  • 1-on-1 Coaching with support and accountability
  • Custom built plan & routine

According to what is included it really was a program that would allow me to follow all of Kyle's trades in real time, and really not only that but learn the same strategies so I can do them without help.

Here's what I've actually learned during my time in DWYW...

What does Done with You Wealth Cost?

Originally when I signed up there were 3 membership options that you could choose from...

Elite Investor Trainee: This is your very basic FREE membership. 

As a free member you will receive limited access to Discord. You will also receive quite a few eMails for free ?.

In all seriousness though you will also receive a decent amount of free training without learning a lot about the strategies that Kyle suggests.

Elite Investor Academy: Access to all trainings. Self Guided. - $500  [No longer available...]

In my opinion this was by far the best membership option. One that I would personally recommend if still available...

Essentially it included everything you really needed to learn the methods taught by Kyle, and if you had questions about any of the training you could ask them within the discord chat.

Elite Investor Mastermind: Access to the full training portal. Additionally you have access to live zoom sessions, and "1-on-1 Coaching" - $2,400 

So now that you know there are only 2 options for membership... let's dive into the details of each and see if the Done with You Wealth Elite Investor program really works!

Elite Investor Goldcard: Direct 1 on 1 "Unlimited" access to Kyle - $10,000+

I don't know much about the Gold Card program but I know it's meant for people with 6 figures plus. Even for them if you read my review you'll know it's not worth it... unless you really have money to burn!

Does Kyle Henris and the Done with You Wealth program work?

Elite Investor Trainee is the free training provided by Kyle Henris within his Done with You Wealth Community.

The training that is provided for free is actually worth the time spent watching the videos. What will you learn?

A few of the key things that I learned in the free training:

  1. It's important to avoid bad trading habits. Which include Strategy Bouncing (something Kyle did recently himself), the other was to avoid trying to buy the dip... one of my friends calls this trying to catch a falling knife.
  2. My favorite of the free training though had to be the Framework for Growing Investments and Wealth...

    The idea here is that your #1 goal to start with is finding consistent growth without being to aggressive (risking too much could blow up your porfolio).

    #2 Once you've created consistency in creating growth your next goal is to create cashflow. This would be where you can take funds from your trading activities and is really the point of getting into investing right?

    Lastly #3 is to create homeruns this is only after creating growth and cashflow. You can use gains from them to try and make a lot of money using a variety of strategies.

There were some other important pieces of training provided for free but in my opinion these were most important.

Elite Investor Mastermind is Kyle's paid membership option where you get set up with a coach for 1-on-1 mentorship to help accelerate your path to financial freedom.

I paid $2,400 to join the mastermind program and have come away severely disappointed... ?

One-on-One Coaching

I joined mastermind specifically to receive one-on-one coaching because Kyle says that they'll keep you accountable and provide mentorship.

This hasn't been the case and actually is far from it!

The One-On-One has taken place within a Discord chat thread (kinda like text messaging). It's not one coach it's actually Kyle and some other dude that I've barely heard from.

With how much I paid One-on-One should include weekly LIVE zooms to check on my progress, and if needed be there to ask questions.

No one has even bothered to check on my progress in nearly 4 months at this point. The last time I received a message was dated April 20th, 2022.

The Homework: The homework is mostly a joke and really isn't that helpful to actually learning the strategies.

To start with the first set of homework is really about about figuring out what your financial vision and plan is. I actually had no problem with this part of the homework. It's honestly essential to know what your goals for the future are and figuring out how to achieve those goals.

Besides that most of the other homework has felt like a waste of time.

Starting with creating Watchlist and Targets for the variety of trading strategies. Which was a waste of time as we only focus on one growth strategy which has been day trading.

The other homework that's been a waste of time in regards to day trading is looking at previous days and identifying support/resistance levels, and identifying potential entries and exits.

While all investing takes risk... day trading is especially risky considering that you could lose 20% before you even blink.

It's a pretty stupid exercise because this does not help me learn how to identify trades during live trading hours and anyone can easily go back and see what would have been a good trade after the fact.

DWYW Traders Academy

The Traders Academy is honestly my favorite part of the whole Mastermind program and I honestly wish I had just paid the $500 for Trader Academy and to the Discord channel (minus a few channels included in Mastermind only)


Because the the Trader Academy is a self guided training portal where Kyle goes through and teaches the strategy.

The videos themselves are well organized and walk you through creating a financial plan for yourself.

Then it covers in depth the strategies on asset allocation and even provides spreadsheets to track your trades.

And of course it covers a variety of investing styles including: day trading, debit spreads, credit spreads, and even investing in crypto.

Like I mentioned the issue isn't with the Traders Academy training portal it's with the Mastermind program and things that were promised with it...

Is Kyle Henris a scam?

In my experience with Kyle I've found that he's not a scammer, because as previously mentioned his training portal is actually one of the best I've come across in order to learn the basics of options trading.

That doesn't mean there aren't a handful of things that I feel are misleading such as some of the marketing/advertising from DWYW.

Additionally many of the things that were promised at least when I signed up with Kyle and his program... they FTD (fail to deliver).

This is especially true for his Mastermind where his promise to keep people accountable is non-existent.

Bait and Switch Sales Tactics

When I first joined DWYW's Elite Investor Mastermind I was under the impression that utilizing debit spreads was the best growth strategy. 


Kyle even did a 5 day challenge where debit spreads were the focus, and we learned how great they are...

Considering both Kyle and his brother Ryan have said it's a concrete strategy, you would think we'd still be doing debit spreads right?


Now Kyle's favorite growth strategy is day trading SPY. But here's the crazy part day trading wasn't even Kyle's idea!


Before March 4th, 2022 day trading was not part of Kyle's program. It was only after chris_d suggested Maurice Kenny that Kyle decided he could also teach day trading.

Recommended: Check Out Maurice Kenny's book and his YouTube videos if you're interested in day trading.

Misleading Advertising!!!

Example 1: In one of the paid ads I saw on Facebook Kyle mentions if you haven't made 10k in 16 weeks he'll give you your money back.

Please note I've been part of this program since the beginning of February 2022 using Kyle's coaching I have not made $10,000.

Furthermore I have even said I'm not happy with the program at all. Which I go into detail as to why in the 1-on-1 coaching section below.

I have not gotten a refund and don't plan on one either...


Example 2: Kyle was using paper trade wins by members as testimonials on his Facebook Story.

The issue was that he was trying to pass off these trades as real money trades by cutting off or blocking the part where the member mentioned it was a paper trade.

I have a real issue with this as it's false and misleading to make people believe real money was made with trades when in fact it was just paper trades.

Example #2A to the right (or below if you're on your smartphone) shows that he cut off "on the last paper trade".

Making it appear this was a real money trade.


Example #2B in the image below - Kyle blatantly blacksout the fact that it's a paper trade even though it's at the very beginning of the members comment.


I'll stop at these 2 examples but these were not the only 2 occasions that this happened, and I don't know about you but I just find this type of marketing very deceitful and nothing I'd consider doing myself.

It should be noted that it seems he no longer does this shady type of marketing.

Kyle will Share "All of his Trades"

In my experience Kyle only will share trades that have been winners. Meaning they've turned out to make him a fairly large profit.

Even Kyle has stated himself that day traders typically will only win approximately 60% of their trades!

Yet based on what Kyle shares with the Done with You Wealth Community it appears he manages to win close to 100% of his trades. I have not seen one "review" video for a trading day where he actually loses.

He also loves to boast about his wins though... one of his comments in Discord "for funsies here's the final profit number I would have had if I held those puts until market close...$655,500", he didn't hold obviously but still made a large profit on these.

Another frustration is that Kyle likes to record videos of what he did after the fact using TradingView, we have no proof of what he's looking at live as it's happening. Anyone can look back and be like here's a good trade this is what I did.

Not saying he isn't actually placing these trades but maybe... just maybe he should live record his screen while he's trading and be like here's what I see and watch him place the trade. I highly doubt he'll do this though.

Real Time Trade Alerts

This was another thing Kyle promised in the sales videos that I watched before I paid for the mastermind program.


Kyle said that I would be able to follow along with what he does through real time trade alerts.

The Truth? Here are the dates of the last "alerts".

Debit Spreads (His Favorite Strategy) - 02/10/2022
Long Term Stock Alerts (Buy and Hold) - 03/03/2022
Credit Spreads - 04/20/2022
Crypto Trades - 03/28/2022

So for over 4+ months there haven't been any alerts to follow along with.

Kyle Ignores Questions

Considering this is his business questions that are asked in his discord server should be answered by him but he ignores many questions. 

Please note: I would understand if there was a bunch of comments within a discord channel and he just missed one of the questions but that's not the case.

One example of this is a user asked "Are there no more alerts here?" and Kyle never even bothers to answer the question... this channel is super inactive so it's a guarantee that Kyle saw the question!

Lastly I've heard from multiple paying mastermind students that they've asked questions to Kyle before in their "one-on-one" chat and he either ignores them or doesn't respond for a long time.

Kyle Henris Review: My Final Thoughts

I cannot in good conscience recommend Kyle Henris or his program InvestCEO, also formerly known as both Next Door Trader and Done with You Wealth.

Can you really trust a company or person that has changed their business name 3 times in 3 years?

While I did enjoy the training portal that was provided when I signed up as a Done with You Wealth member.

The fact is a lot of what was promised, is no longer part of the program.

While I paid $2,400 which was way too much for a program that provided no additional value through its coaching and live zoom sessions.

I've heard from other more recent members that the pricing has become even more outrageous.

They say they're customer oriented and worried about you and what's best for you, but in my case I hadn't heard from a coach in over 4 months, eventually phasing out of the program... That's not customer oriented in my opinion.

In encourage you to ask yourself this, would any legitimate change their company name 3x in 3 years?

It seems to me that Kyle Henris is more interested in chasing the next best thing to teach rather than sticking to the strategies that got me interested in their program anyway (i.e. Debit Spreads).

Have you been a student of Kyle Henris? Please leave your comments/experiences below!

About the author 


I created Build a Laptop Lifestyle in order to help you create a better future. You've probably already realized that your job is probably not going to fulfill your dreams of financial freedom.

In fact if you're like me you may have even went to college. Earned a degree. Then ended up getting a job in a completely different field of expertise (i.e. nothing to do with your degree).

I've learned that the only way to truly know what my future holds is to create it.

While I like to emphasize the importance of making money online. Build a Laptop Lifestyle has been created to be so much more. I can only hope to change your life for the better... the rest is up to you.

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  1. Ive been a member of kyles program for two years and honestly havent made a dime yet. Hes changed his strategy 4 times and ive had to try and relearn over and over again. Although he does work hard and donplenty of zoom calls for us to learn its been frustrating when he randomly changes his strategy. If you miss one zoom call you feel like you missed alot. I paid $9500. He posts motivational posts to try and lure in more customers and manipulate them into paying more money from his next adventure. In the end i feel hes the only one who came out on top with all this. Theres another student who joined around the time i did and i dont think he ever made any profit as well.

    1. I can completely relate to your experience. Honestly, my journey with Kyle’s program wasn’t great either. I consider myself lucky to have paid only $2400, but even then, it felt like a hefty investment for what I got out of it. Like you mentioned, the constant changes in strategy were frustrating and not what I signed up for.

      The Zoom coaching sessions were supposed to be one-on-one for me, but that didn’t happen. It’s disappointing when promises aren’t fulfilled, especially when you’re investing your time and money into something you hope will bring results.

      I noticed the same pattern with the motivational posts and marketing tactics. It seems like the program is more focused on selling the dream rather than providing tangible value and consistent support for its members.

      In the end, it’s disheartening to hear that Kyle seems to be the only one benefiting from all of this. It’s a tough lesson learned, but hopefully, we can take what we’ve experienced and use it to make more informed decisions in the future.

  2. I was a student of Kyle Henris and I wish I had read this first. I enrolled in July 2022. Kyle has changed his strategies, as well as the name of his business, multiple times since you wrote your article. I feel like a moron because I fell for the salesmanship. I have moved on from his program and am studying day trading elsewhere now (look up "ICT" on youtube and you will see where Kyle steals ideas from). I paid $7500 for his program almost two years ago and have yet to see a profit. I am now a "funded trader," meaning a prop firm pays me to trade, but it is definitely not because of Kyle. When I make money, it will not be because of Kyle. He is dishonest and a fraud. I wholeheartedly tell anyone and everyone to stay away from Kyle.

    1. Wow! I just want to say I’m very sorry for the experience you’ve had with Kyle’s Day trading program. I had a hard time swallowing the $2500 I paid, so couldn’t imagine $7500!

      I’ve had plenty of success selling options on futures, but I also understand it’s not for everyone and is also more of a slow and steady wins the race type of trading.

      One question I have if you’re willing to share is have you been able to withdraw funds from the funded account?

      I appreciate your input as it’s very helpful to other readers as well.

      Have a blessed day!

      1. Josh,

        I have not withdrawn any money from the funded account, primarily because I stopped daytrading right after I passed the challenge…that's due to me changing day jobs and no longer having time to trade during NY session. I am learning how to trade the evening/Asian session; once I am more consistent, I will trade the funded account. I do have some friends who also left the program who are funded and have gotten payouts.


        1. Very cool. I definitely understand having a 9-5 making it hard to actively trade.

          Hopefully the evening session will work well for you. It’s always interesting to hear if people are able to get payouts from funded accounts as I’ve heard it’s really tough to do so.

          Anyway again I truly appreciate your input and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

    2. Any videos you recommend viewing from ICT? I to was and still in kyles program but if you say this is the same content id live to check it out. Does ICT teach futures?

      1. Hey Cam,

        I believe he was referring to the YouTube videos from Inner Circle Trader found here. However, I have not reviewed his stuff so do plenty of research if you plan to check it out.

        Also if you’re interested in learning to sell futures for income, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at my ThetaTraderz Review.

        The trading strategies that Lance teaches there won’t make you rich overnight, but overall I’ve been happy and have grown my trading account 19% since I started a little less than a year ago (as of Feb 2024).

        Anyway, whatever you decide I hope you find what’s right for you and if there’s any specific programs you’d like me to look into just let me know. Thank you for the comment.

        1. Hey thanks I will look into that. Thank you. Also I was interested in maybe changing to Forex. Not sure if you dabbled into that type of trading before? But maybe you could look into Alex Gonzalez course called stand forget. His IG is fxalexg Its tough finding someone who teaches trading who actually wants to teach without having a secret agenda in the background. 🙁

          1. I’m not super familiar with Forex to be honest with you. I’ll definitely look into it, I’m always looking to expand my trading expertise!

  3. I’m in the program! I’ve been in it awhile, back when he was only teaching credit/debit spreads. I’m frustrated because I stopped trading after taking a major loss trading PYPL. After deciding to try and come back to the group and really start doing it again I come to realize they are now doing day trading and more recently added getting a funded account into the mix too. Which is fine, but like now it costs a lot more to work with a 1:1 coach and I already put in a lot of money into the credit/debit spread learning, plus I paid $500 extra to learn to set up crypto bots that I don’t use at all because almost immediately after learning how to do it, the market for crypto got super weird. So it’s like I can’t be giving even more money or also have a 1:1 coach. It’s bs.

    1. Hey Ashley!

      I actually remember hearing about this trade. I joined on the tail end of when Kyle was doing credit spreads, debit spreads, etc.

      That was the beginning of February, and then all of the alerts stopped.

      Everything switched to day trading around April that year, and that wasn’t even a Kyle idea. Some other guy in the group mentioned Maurice Kenny and then Kyle is like I can teach that (so kind of like stealing the idea)…

      My thing is once the credit and debit spreads stopped he completely changed the coaching program. Wouldn’t shock me if it happened again.

      I’m definitely sorry for all the money you sunk into his various programs. However, don’t give up on yourself!

  4. Meant to say in my last post I paid Kyle 10k and have had two coaching sessions since April 2022. Of course Kyle blames me for disappearing but I had numerous unfortunate events including my mother passing and Kyle could give a rats ass.

    He gives me “homework” like watching videos and then when I follow up he does not respond but says I am the one who disappeared.

    I’m an Infantry Combat Veteran and a Licensed Professional Counselor and not a JAG, just a guy. I have tried to make the money back on my own but lost well over 10k because I did not understand options trading which is something Kyle was supposed to coach me on.

    1. Hey Robert,

      First and foremost, thank you for your service, both as an infantry combat veteran and in your position as a licensed professional counselor.

      I’m very sorry to hear about your frustrating experience and 10k loss with Kyle Henris and his training program, it sounds very similar to my experience but thankfully I did not lose that much.

      Dealing with the loss of a loved one, such as your mother, I imagine… is not only challenging but is also emotionally demanding. It’s disappointing that Kyle didn’t show empathy or understanding, especially after you gave him your hard-earned money.

      I’ll be honest with you. As you’ll see here, I’ve reviewed and even joined a few options coaching programs such as Kyle Henris’s and most of them fall short in what they promised to deliver. I hope that you find the guidance and support you need on your journey ahead.

      Again thank you for your service, and God Bless.

  5. All I wanted to say is thank you!! Your information open my eyes to avoid wasting my hard earned money in courses like this one.

    1. That’s awesome to hear you found my post helpful. I definitely appreciate the words of encouragement and am pleased to hear that you found this Kyle Henris review helpful!

      It’s always my goal to help readers make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses. If you have any further questions or other programs you’d like me to explore feel free to reach out or leave a reply here.

  6. Crazy seeing this review. I was in the program at the same time as Josh according to this and it doesn't sound anything like the program that I took part in. Really enjoyed it personally and was able to leave my full time job because of it. I do recall another student named Lance sending me a message though saying that if I promoted his program (ThetaTraderz) he would pay me an affiliate commission. I guess the best way to get those affiliate commissions is to trash another program that has a much larger audience. Congrats on joining Lance's affiliate program! Hope those commissions are worth it…

    1. Thanks for the input. For reference as you submitted other comments saying I delete the comments if they are positive, that’s actually 100% false. I don’t automatically approve any comments positive or negative. I do this to regulate spam.

      Secondly it’s great that you enjoyed Kyle Henris and his program.

      Also I can tell you that you were not part of the program when I joined, because at the time I joined Kyle was promising regular trade alerts on debit spreads, credit spreads, etc. Plus the “one on one” coaching was for those strategies. However, I rarely heard from Kyle or the other coach in our one on one chat. Kyle made it seem the one on one coaching was with him directly but that wasn’t the case.

      It was about 1-2 months after joining in the program that Kyle switched his coaching strategies to day trading. Something I wasn’t interested in. Essentially it’s like you paying for one product and receiving something completely different. You can’t tell me you’d be very pleased with that?

      In regards to ThetaTraderz. I earn ZERO commissions. Click the links none of them are affiliate links and lead directly to the website.

      The reason I refer people to ThetaTraderz is because Lance is genuine, and consistently reaches out to me to ask if I have any questions. Furthermore, I’ve gotten to know Lance on a personal level and know for a fact he doesn’t have an affiliate program.

      Through his coaching I’ve grown my account 14% in less than 6 months. That might not be enough for some people and that’s totally fine. Being aggressive can lead to larger gains but also can make it so you’re more likely to blow up your trading account.

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