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This website is dedicated to help you build a laptop lifestyle. Whether you are looking to earn a part-time income, or kiss your job good bye Build a Laptop Lifestyle was created for you.

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So rather than letting someone else control your future, create it instead!

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About Josh.

I created Build a Laptop Lifestyle in order to help you create a better future. You've probably already realized that your job is probably not going to fulfill your dreams of financial freedom.

In fact if you're like me you may have even went to college. Earned a degree. Then ended up getting a job in a completely different field of expertise (i.e. nothing to do with your degree).

I've learned that the only way to truly know what my future holds is to create it.

While I like to emphasize the importance of making money online. Build a Laptop Lifestyle has been created to be so much more. I can only hope to change your life for the better... the rest is up to you.